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What is an Empowered Birth?

“For me an empowered birth is one where I am the one who makes the decisions for me and my baby. Where I am in an environment of love, support, and respect for the power within my body to successfully birth my baby. Where … Continue reading

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Vaginal Birth Better for Breech

For the same reasons that vaginal birth is better for twins, vaginal birth is also better for breech babies. The default for all births should be the most conservative which is an undisturbed, physiologic, vaginal birth.  Like all other medical … Continue reading

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Vaginal Birth Better for Twins

Canada is becoming known for our great studies on childbirth. This really should not need to be news.  Vaginal birth should always be considered the safest mode of delivery unless there is clear evidence suggesting otherwise.  When we assume that … Continue reading

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TED Talk on Cord Clamping

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