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Mom Breastfeeds Her 6 year Old and Social Media Goes Crazy.

“The foundation for healthy growth and development in later years is established to a large degree in the first six years of life.” – Toward a Healthy Future: Second report of the Health of Canadians {Federal, Provincial and territorial Advisory … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding: Whatever it Takes or Making Excuses?

This post on the Alpha Parent is stirring up some emotions in breast-feeders and non breast-feeders alike.  http://www.thealphaparent.com/2012/06/news-flash-breastfeeding-requires.html?showComment=1341528185382#c8066091406113027909 I think it comes off harsh but I can understand where she is coming from.  There are many things in here that … Continue reading

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Nursing Against All Odds

By Guest Blogger Danielle Sherman I know more about breastfeeding (BF) because of my struggles with nursing than most of my friends know about BF who have, and had, no issues. Thankfully many people have asked for my advice while … Continue reading

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Dangers of “Crying It Out”

Damaging children and their relationships for the longterm. Published on December 11, 2011 by Darcia Narvaez, Ph.D. in Moral Landscapes http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/moral-landscapes/201112/dangers-crying-it-out “Letting babies “cry it out” is an idea that has been around since at least the 1880s when the … Continue reading

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Whats Wrong With This Picture? Why Do We Only Give Lip Service to Breastfeeding?

I have recently read posts online about how bottle feeding moms are being made to feel inadequate by breastfeeding mothers and about how the pressures to breastfeed are making those who choose not to feel like they are bad mothers. … Continue reading

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Home Birth… Why I Did It (& I'm Not a Hippie)

ireport.cnn.com I gave birth to my son at home. And no, I’m not a hippie. I’m a college educated, business minded woman who made an informed choice about the labor and delivery of my second child. Giuseppe Massimo “Max” entered … Continue reading

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The Standard Hospital Birth

If you have watched TLC’s The Baby Story, you have seen the standard hospital birth in action. Need I say more?

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Is Infant Formula OK?

This video about breast milk vs formula explains the difference between the two and why formula is not OK. Feeding your infant formula is like feeding it

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