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Inform Yourself Before You Choose Circumcision

As a parent you need to be fully informed when making decisions for your child’s welfare.  Please watch these whole videos.  

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Canada Getting Soft on Circumcision

 “Canada’s pediatricians are about to update their advice on whether baby boys should be circumcised, revising and softening their stand for the first time in 17 years.” “Their review comes as new Canadian research suggests half of expectant parents would … Continue reading

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Everything in Birth is Your Choice

“Everything in your life is your choice.  If you choose to let someone else make your choices, that, too, is a choice.” When it comes to your birth experience, what can you choose? The answer is anything, and everything.  Birth … Continue reading

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My thoughts on Circumcision

I was recently asked my thoughts on circumcision. This is what I have to say about it. My thoughts on circumcision are in line with my thoughts on pretty much all topics related to the human body. The human body … Continue reading

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