Dancing Your Way Through Birth

Do you love to dance?

A great way to work through the intensity of labor is to dance. Often that ends up being more of a slow dance, swaying with your arms hanging around your partners neck, but this looks entirely more fun. This would be a great way to distract yourself from the intensity, help move your baby through your pelvis, and have a positive birth.

Did you laugh or dance your way through contractions?

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My Mummy Tummy Journey Week 3 Summary

I have completed week 3 of the MUTU System 12 week program.

This week I started with the first set of intensive exercises. Definitely intense enough to get my heart rate going and break a good sweat.

I missed a couple of days of walking due to rain, rain, and more rain, so I took longer walks for the rest of the week. I suppose I could have walked in the rain but I let myself use it as an excuse. I did make up for it though.

I have had people ask me a few of questions about the system so I will do my best to answer.  The MUTU Website does have a FAQ page if you have more questions.

Are you trying to lose weight?

My mom asked if I am trying to lose weight. The answer is no, I am not trying to lose weight. I am working towards strengthening my core muscles so they can hold in the contents of my abdomen and not let everything just fall out.

What types of exercises do you have to do?

Oziah MUTUI have been asked what kinds of exercises the system uses. MUTU focuses on restorative exercises to restore proper body alignment, reduce intra-abdominal pressure, and improve core strength as a whole. It is NOT a routine of abdominal crunches. In fact, crunches are a no, no if you are looking to restore core strength. Crunches can actually make a weak MUTU boysabdomen worse by increasing intra-abdominal pressure during exertion. It isn’t all about the abs either. Your core muscles are the root of all movement and work together with other muscle systems. Strengthening them means getting these systems connected neurologically as they should be. The exercises involve engaging your core while doing other movements, like using your inner thigh muscles or gluts. It isn’t just the abs working but the legs, butt, back and arms, too.

I do like that what the MUTU system is presenting is in line with the core muscle rehab I learned in chiropractic college. I could have come up with something like this for myself but I simply haven’t due to time and priorities. I like that the MUTU system is packaged in a way that helps take out the planning for me.

What is the time commitment?

Tai MUTU The other question that has come up is how much of a time commitment the program requires. I know we live in a busy world and with kids it just gets busier.  Since I am committed to making this work, I have found the time between family, volunteering, and work to get to my exercises consistently. Each day I am walking about 30 minutes outside with my family and dog and doing a 8.5 minute core strength routine twice a day. Now that I am at the point of doing the more intensive exercises, I also have a 23 minute warm up, exercise, and stretch sequence to do 4 times a week. So that’s about 45 minutes on the days without the intensive workout and 70 minutes on the days with. The kids join in so t is a family affair.

Sales-page-image-930px (1)


I have to say that so far I am happy with the MUTU  program. Any will hopefully start to see the physical changes in the upcoming weeks.

My previous posts about using the MUTU System 12 week program:

Tired of Looking Pregnant

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Decision Making in Pregnancy and Parenting: It's Not Black and White

I recently read this excerpt from Emily Oster’s book, “Expecting Better: Why The Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom Is Wrong — and What You Really Need to Know.”


In her book Oster presents the model that she teaches university business students to make informed decisions. It is the model we use when buying a business, house or car, even when choosing a mate and it is the model we should be using when making decisions about our pregnancy, birth, and health and lifestyle decisions for our children.
Pregnancy and childbirth is when parenting starts. This is when parents need to become responsible for informed decision making for the health and well-being of their child. Decision making isn’t black and white. I have always said that we all assess risk differently and we assess benefits differently. We can make different decisions with the same information and both people can be right, for them.

“I try to teach them that making good decisions — in business, and in life — requires two things. First, they need all the information about the decision — they need the right data. Second, they need to think about the right way to weigh the pluses and minuses of the decision (in class we call this costs and benefits) for them personally. The key is that even with the same data, this second part — this weighing of the pluses and minuses — may result in different decisions for different people. Individuals may value the same thing differently.”

Unfortunately, it seems that once a women is pregnant she is deemed incapable of decision making and instead is expected to blindly trust the “experts,” not ask questions, and do as she is told.

Let’s use breech birth as an example. The current practice in many facilities is that if a baby is breech at the end of a pregnancy, then a cesarean section will be scheduled as the mode of delivery, typically by 39 weeks. This is a blanket, one size fits all recommendation, and often no one even considers that the mother may actually want to consider a different choice.

The mother  is often not informed that current evidence suggests that the long term risk to the baby is the same regardless of mode of delivery but the risk to the moms health and life go up with cesarean vs vaginal breech birth. Instead, she is told that cesarean is the way it is done and she has no choice. In reality, she is the only one with decision making authority over her body and she must be the one to decide IF she wants to decide on a cesarean birth.

For proper decision making, she should be informed of the benefits of cesarean birth in the case of breech, the risks of cesarean (physical, mental and emotional both short term and long term) to her and her baby, the benefits of vaginal breech birth, and risks associated with vaginal breech birth,and if she has an alternative options (like trying to turn the breech baby, waiting until labor starts to see if the baby turns on its own, etc).

She then needs to take that data and figure out how that information would impact her and her family. Only she can take those numbers and formulate how they apply to her individually. Because of this she is the ONLY one qualified to make the decision about her birth.

What would a good outcome look like for her? How would she process an unexpected outcome? Does the risk to her outweigh the risk to her baby or the other way around?

Care providers may assess this differently than the woman because they don’t have to live with the long term outcomes. They also add in medico-legal risk (the risk of being sued) into their recommendations so they have a different bias. Some will even factor in their personal financial gain or interprofessional relations if they would have to refer you out to get you a qualified vaginal breech provider or if their facility had policies against supporting a woman’s right to choose her birth.

This isn’t a mathematical equation it is a human one and one that only the human whose life circumstance is at stake is able to make.

We have been told that when it comes to pregnancy, birth,and parenting that self proclaimed ‘experts” are the ones who hold the “right” answers. When someone goes ahead and questions that apparent authority and chooses something different, others mistakenly believe that they must be doing something “wrong.” This isn’t true. They are doing something right, for them, even if that is different than what is right for you.

Lack of understanding the decision making process is part of what has contributed to this idea of the “mommy wars.” If I got this info and I decide X and you got the same info and you decide Y, one of us must be wrong, and since I understand my decision making process, it must be you that is wrong.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Both are right, for them.

Next time you find someone who has chosen to live or parent differently than you, instead of telling them they are doing it wrong, maybe ask them how they came to that decision. Maybe they need access to more information to make an informed decision or maybe it is a well thought out conscious choice that happens to be different than yours.

When dealing with care providers, make it abundantly clear what their role is. They are not there to be dictators over your life. They are paid by you to be consultants from which you gather information so you can make informed decisions.  They also serve as skilled providers to give you the care you decide you want. It is your body and always your choice. This applies beyond pregnancy and birth to your child’s health care. Only you get to choose what is right for your family.

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Girls Education Less Important Than What They Are Wearing

On August 11, Deanna Wolf  took to Facebook to call out her daughter’s school for shaming the female form and putting boys education above girls.

Huntsville City Schools, I would like to ask a question. What are you teaching our children about their bodies and their minds? My daughter was not allowed to go to class, and was held in ILC for an entire class period because she wore this outfit to school. She would have been held even longer had someone not been able to bring her more “appropriate” clothing. I would like someone to please explain to me how this is justified. Why single a student out, put her in a locked room and inhibit her learning because of one faculty member’s INTERPRETATION of her clothing? It boils down to the claim that girls’ “revealing” clothing is a distraction to male students. That the mere idea of a girl even HAVING a derriere (or, heaven forbid, shoulders) is so scandalous that we must stop everything and hide her away. I am sick to death of the public shaming of the female form. You are telling girls that their bodies are to be hidden, and that boys cannot control their minds if they see the basic female figure. It’s disgusting and it belittles both sexes. Not to mention that this whole situation clearly states that a girl’s education has less importance than a boy’s education, and that her right to said education is secondary to providing a distraction free learning environment for the opposite sex. Your misguided attempt at disciplining my child has only succeeded in giving an example of the skewed gender bias perpetuated by society. The lesson she learned today was NOT that her clothes were inappropriate, but rather that the behavior of the school was inappropriate. It’s asinine things like this which push more and more parents to homeschool their children.”


On August 13th mother Stacie Dunn shared a similar experience with her daughter’s school.

“So this is my daughter at school today. I had to come to the school because according to her school principal what she is wearing is out of dress code and inappropriate for school. When I got there I found a group of female students standing in the office due to being out of dress code also. This is ridiculous! WOODFORD County High School and the principle have been enforcing a dress code where as girls can not show even there collar bones because it may distract their male class mates. This is ridiculous! Parents are being called away from their important jobs and students are missing important class time because they are showing their collarbones! Something needs to change! PLEASE SHARE MY POST! Something needs to change!”

Apparently girls collar bones are too sexual for school. Seriously? I don’t know if I own shirts that don’t show my collar bones and I am a professional working in a professional setting.

So disturbing that the adults in schools are looking at girls as sexual objects. I am sure it wasn’t a student that complained she was too sexual for school today. It was an adult who sexualized her body instead of focusing on why she was there, to educate her mind. School administrators can you please stop looking at girls like sex objects.

If boys are truly incapable of learning sitting next to a fully clothed woman, how will they be able to function in the workforce? Are we to expect that men and boys are so incapable of rational thought in the presence of women that we need to extract women from society and hide them away? That is what this school is doing. Or should girls be relegated to the back of the bus or the back of the room because the very sight of them is just too sexual for boys to handle.

Please stop reducing boys to nothing more than a walking penis, not capable of being responsible for their behavior.

Please stop telling girls they are responsible for accommodating boys ability to function in society.

Schools, please remove teachers that are looking at their students as sexual objects. Please remove administrators who are willing to violate a woman’s right to education because of misogynistic views of women and their bodies.

As a society can we just stop sexualizing every aspect of the female body? Soon it will be elbows, then wrist and ankles and women will be forced to wear full burqas in order to get an education.

Woodford County High School Principal Rob Ackers said in response to the dress code concerns, “We had a lot of sexual harassment based on what kids were wearing, and unfortunately, it always comes back to what the girls are wearing.”

This perspective is propagating victim blaming and rape culture.  Girls are not responsible for boy’s behavior, boys are. Let’s teach them that from the get go.

This is what the girls of Woodford County High School have learned from the dress code.

“It sends the message to boys that it’s all girls fault, basically any reaction or action that they do is the girls fault. It wasn’t their fault that they were staring or got distracted, it was the girls fault.”

“It puts the guys before the girls because they say how they want guys to have a distraction free learning zone, not the girls.  They are putting guys before the girls and saying that their education is more important than the girls education.”

“It  says that they can’t control themselves and honestly, if I was a boy I would be really insulted by the dress code.”

“It sends the message that guys are perverts. Because girls have to cover up because the administration believes that the boys can’t control themselves.”

“[The teacher said] boys are hard wired for sex at this age…. they don’t know what’s going on and anything can set them off …boys cannot help what they do …date rape happens….when you dress like that, it’s just going to happen and they can’t control it…It told all the girls… that boys can’t help it.”

“It’s teaching young boys that they’re predators..and that the girls are covering up for me.”


Stop misogynistic policing of young women’s bodies. Teach young men to respect women for being human beings. Stop feeding the rape culture that blames women and our bodies for rape, and start teach young men that they are responsible for their actions NO MATTER WHAT she is WEARING,” Stacey Jackson-Roberts (comment on Woodford County School’s Facebook page).

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Anti-Rape Underwear: Great idea or making women responsible for rape prevention?

I am not sure how I feel about the idea of anti-rape underwear. On the one hand, women feeling safe and empowered to move through the world without fear of rape is a good thing but at the same time just wearing them comes from fear of being raped.

What do we tell ourselves each time we put on our anti-rape underwear. Aren’t we saying that we are not actually safe and need to be protected by someone, or in this case, some thing else. But then again, maybe women aren’t actually safe in a culture that promotes blurred lines about consent to our youth.

Stopping rape should be the responsibility of the people who are doing the raping. Stopping rape comes from a culture that respects a woman’s body as her own and not a product or object to be used or abused for someone else’s gain. Stopping rape comes from teaching our boys and men that they are not entitled to sex, ever. Entitlement and the expectation that a woman owes them for their efforts is part of the problem. That’s not saying they cannot have sex, they just are not ever entitled to it. Even if she initially said yes, even if he spent money wooing her, he is never entitled to have her follow through with the act. Stopping rape comes from teaching our youth what consent really means; an act of will, not an act out of of coercion, manipulation, or altered states of consciousness.

I think the makers of this product are genius to create a way to actually prevent removing someone else’s underwear but the idea that women need to take measures to prevent themselves from being raped is an indication that we don’t live in a civilized society like we think we do.

Are anti-rape underwear a necessary evil for women to be safe in our society?

What are your thoughts?

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My Mummy Tummy Journey Week 2 Summary

I have now completed 2 full weeks of the 12 week MUTU System to help get my mummy tummy under control.

I have to say week 1 was easier than week 2. In week 1 this was something new, something I had just made a commitment to do, so I was motivated.  In week 2 I just wanted to continue with my habit of not doing anything about my tummy at all.  It just seemed easier.

Despite my desire to complete my day without doing my exercises, I did them.  High five for me :).

My true reason for following through wasn’t because I am so driven to get my tummy back, it was because of accountability.  I knew I was going to report here about my progress so I did my exercises despite wanting to skip them “just this once.” I didn’t want to blog about how I gave in to the habit of not doing. I knew going into this that if I didn’t make this a public thing, I wasn’t likely to follow through.

I am going to suggest if you are going to take on doing something like the MUTU system to get your tummy back (or any other thing that takes commitment like childbirth preparation practices), having a system of accountability is key to help get you through the times where you would rather just do what is easier.

The kids have all joined me in doing my Phase 1 core exercises. Last night I was going to do them in my room while the kids were in my bathtub. As soon as I said I would be doing them, three little naked bodies rushed out to join me.

I have researched which barefoot shoes I am going to order and will be placing an order for them shortly, I am just waiting for my husband to decide on his.

I still need a way to effectively get myself to drink enough water.  I have tried reminder apps but then I just ignore them. If you have any tips, please leave them in the comments below.

Sales-page-image-930px (1)I just printed out the Cheat Sheets for the Exercises.  This will be helpful because I did realize I missed a few things when I was doing them by memory.

Week three is the first week with intensive exercises, I have watched the instruction video and will be getting started on the workout today. Maybe I can get some little people to join me to make it more fun.

There are only two types of habits.  The habit of doing and the habit of not doing.  Once I complete week 3, I will have done 21 days of doing, which is how long it takes to create a new habit.  Cheer me on so I make it to the 21 day landmark.

My previous posts about using the MUTU System 12 week program:
Tired of Looking Pregnant
Week 1 Summary

If you want to sign up for the program CLICK HERE now.

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Breastfeeding is Normal

This week is World Breastfeeding Awareness Week.

Why do we need a “breastfeeding awareness week?” It’s because we have forgotten that around the world, across cultures, since the beginning of time, that breastfeeding is just simply, normal. It has been the biologically normal way for infants and young children to gain nourishment and comfort from their mothers throughout history.


In honour of World Breastfeeding Awareness (Normalization)Week, I wanted to share some of the images I have encountered of breastfeeding in art around the world.11429940_10152964308896056_1360407941_n


I was recently in Portugal visiting family.  I was happy to drive by a roundabout (traffic circle) decorated with a historical depiction of fisherwomen at work. One of the three fisherwomen happened to be nursing her baby while attending to her duties. This wasn’t outlandish, strange or newsworthy, just the normal way women worked back in the day.  No one would have been offended by the exposed breast of the woman in the statue and no one would have accused her of being an exhibitionist, told her to stay home to nurse or cover up.  She would have just nursed her child in the way it worked for her and her family, and that would have been normal.

This statue I walked by in Mexico a few years ago.  Simply a woman gazing at her baby, while at her breast. Children at the breast often take that time to study their mother’s face or gaze into her eyes. This precious opportunity is lost when the baby is hiding under a cover.

Bf statue

These are pieces of art I encountered at the Getty Museum in California.

B IMG_3117

“Hope Nourishes Love”

Jean-Jacques Caffieri carved this statue out of marble in 1769.  Love clearly isn’t an infant, definitely closer to toddlerhood, and it was still normal to be nursing.

B IMG_3103 small

The Holy Family with Saints Anne, Catherine of Alexandria, and Mary Magdalene 1560s Il Nosadella

The Getty collection also includes many depictions of the Holy Family, all while nursing uncovered and out in public.

Why are there so many images of toddler Jesus and Mary nursing?  Likely because it is a large part of the relationship between a mother and her nursing child. Also, it is normal for children to nurse frequently throughout the day and Mary likely would often be seen with her breast out, nourishing her infant. Besides what other image better depicts the purity of motherly love.

B IMG_3098 small

B IMG_3100 small






B IMG_3101 small

The Holy Family ~1507-8 Jan Gossaert









Breastfeeding an infant, toddler, or young child is normal. Breastfeeding while going about regular life is normal, whether that be at the grocery store, shopping mall, at work, or socializing at the town square.  Breast tissue will be exposed in order to fulfill the function of feeding children, that is normal, no need to stay home or cover up.

The more women understand that breastfeeding whenever and wherever is functional for them and their family is simply normal, the more other women will be liberated to do the same.

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My Mummy Tummy Journey Week 1 Summary

I started a new program last week to work towards strengthening my abs.  You can see my before picture and my thoughts on starting this program in my original post about being tired of looking pregnant HERE.

The program is called the MUTU system and it is a 12 week online course. I have completed week one and getting started with week two. There is also another version of the course called the MUTU Focus program for those who need to avoid intensive exercises.

This is where I am at:

food-1171568-639x479I have read and reviewed the MUTU nutrition guidelines and feel I am one step ahead since I already eat clean, whole foods and don’t need to make changes to be MUTU nutrition compliant.  I am doing my best to increase my water intake.  This is an area I easily slack on if I am not actively working towards getting my water quota.

I have reviewed the week 1 and 2 science videos that explain the importance of proper body alignment in our body’s ability to maintain proper tone in our abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and in reducing intra-abdominal pressure that likes to push everything out.   The simple modifications to standing and sitting posture have made a noticeable difference in my tone.  I walked out of my office today after watching the week 2 science video on alignment and my daughter commented that I look taller. She also noted that my tummy doesn’t look as big as it did before. I am wishing I started this program years ago when I was newly post partum because I think it would have prevented the level of abdominal weakness I have today.Sales-page-image-930px (1)

I have done the recommended core exercises six out of the eight days since I started. Camping over the weekend I ended up missing a couple of days but I will be making up for lost time by adding in a few reps over the next few days.  Since starting the core exercises, I have noticed a better connection to my core muscles.  A couple of months ago I remarked to my husband that I can’t even feel my areas of my abs when I contract them and now I feel reconnected.

My daughter wants to do the exercises along side me.  We may use it as some special time together, unless of course her brothers decide to join in (highly likely).  She especially loved the exercise called “The Lamp-Post Pee” and laughed like crazy at all the things we pretended to be peeing on.  Since this is a core strengthening program,  not a diet or weight loss program, I have no issue encouraging my kids to join me in learning how to best keep their bodies strong.  Core strength is important for all aspects of fitness and movement and I am happy to be setting a better example for my family.IMG_5366 small

Another member of our family has also benefited from me starting this program. Our dog’s life was never the same after we had our daughter almost 9 years ago.  She used to get a good 30-60 minute walk in the forest everyday, sometimes twice.  With a fall baby and Canadian winter, that routine changed quite drastically.  Add on two more kids and her life has never been as exciting as it was when she was an only child, be it a furry one.   Thanks to being motivated by the MUTU system she is getting a decent walk everyday. Hopefully the habit will last through next winter.

The next change I will be making is looking for some barefoot footwear.  I almost never wear heels, being a chiropractor I understand how bad they are, but now to make the transition from almost flat shoes to barefoot shoes.  If you have any favorite barefoot shoes, please leave a comment about them below.Please note: links are paid affiliate links and I am just now experiencing the program so cannot vouch for the results just yet. I will to continue to provide feedback from my experience.

You can read my thoughts on starting this program here.

If you are interested in signing up for the program CLICK HERE.

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Tired of Looking Pregnant

I get asked if I am pregnant all. the. time.

Pregnant with #3

Pregnant with #3 (2011)

From 2006 through 2011 I have had 3 people live inside my body.  I made space for each visitor by expanding and stretching to their growing needs.  Almost 4 years has passed since my last guest vacated his home within my womb and I am left with a body that has not yet realized that there are no visitors taking up this extra space.

I am 4 years post partum and I look 3 months pregnant, sometimes more after a big meal.  My abdominal muscles are stretched and have not yet regained their previous length.  They don’t have the tone to keep my abdominal organs tucked neatly inside and instead they push my abdomen out like a uterus with a growing baby.  I also have diastatis recti a common condition in pregnancy and beyond, where the abdominal muscle separate at the midline and cannot hold in the pressure of the abdominal organs.

1 year after baby #2

1 year after baby #2 (2010)

After my second child was born I was smaller and more toned than I had been since I hit puberty.  Things were different in my life, I was back at work within 3 months working as chiropractor which is a physically demanding job of always moving your body. I also had started doing capoeira (a Brazialian martial art) at 3 months postpartum and was working my core muscles through the movements.

After my third child my life changed.  I chose not to return to my chiropractic practice so I could be home more with my kids.  I have been working more on the computer writing my upcoming new book Great Sex, Great Birth, blogging, and developing the Natural Birth, Baby, and Beyond Childbirth Empowerment Curriculum and Community, as a result more time has been spent sitting at a computer. With the extra busyness of life with 3, lots of volunteer work in the local birth and parenting community and moving homes farther from my capoeira classes, i haven’t returned to the same level of activity, and it shows.

resize lateral with clothes (2)

3 years and 9 months after baby #3 (July 23, 2015)

I get asked quite frequently by well meaning acquaintances, strangers, and especially children, “Do you have a baby in your belly?” I answer, “Sadly I do not, just that my body remembers what it is like to have 3 individuals live in there.”

Honestly, I am not offended by their questions.  People know I am very involved in the world of pregnancy and birth and that I love babies.   I do look pregnant and am happy to still be within childbearing age that people could think that I am indeed pregnant. Although I am likely not going to have more children, as strange as it may sound I take a certain amount of pleasure form still being fertile. That probably comes from societal programming as a kid that fertility is a measure of your worth as a woman, but I won’t address how ridiculous it is that I grew up with that insane judgement about women and their bodies in this post.

I have breastfed three kids since this last pregnancy and even the extra calories burned by nursing will not change the way my tummy hangs out.  So now 4 years after giving birth I am resigned to the fact that my belly isn’t going to magically disappear on its own and also that my pelvic floor needs some work.

My pelvic floor is an issue i didn’t realize I had until just recently.  Having pushed three babies through my pelvis it wasn’t entirely surprising that after my last birth I had some mild stress incontinence with laughing or sneezing.  This seemed to resolve itself just fine within a short time after giving birth.  It wasn’t until a couple of months ago when I went to a trampoline park with my family that I discovered that my pelvic floor isn’t as strong as I thought it was.  Daily life is fine and normal but my body just could not handle the intensity of jumping on a trampoline.  Going to the bathroom to empty my bladder every 10 minutes wasn’t even enough to allow me safely jump without leakage.

While I loved my pregnant body when there was babies living in met, I am at a point where I want to regain tone back into my core and reclaim my body that has given so much to others.

Up to now I haven’t addressed the issues because I know that conventional core exercise does more harm than good when someone has diastasis recti and I wanted to make sure I was doing the right exercises to effectively deal with my postpartum body.  There are some local classes lead by wonderful women but finding the time in my schedule to drive across the city once a week just hasn’t made it to the top of my priority list.

I recently discovered a course called the MuTu System to help postpartum moms get their core strength back, correct their diastasis recti, and improve their pelvic floor.  I have just signed up to give this course a go and I am going to share my journey with you.

My goals are:

1. Increased core strength

2. Tighter abdominal muscles (not look pregnant)

3. Ability to go trampolining without needing to wear a diaper

Today, July 27th, will be day 1.  I will keep you posted on my progress and if it is something I would recommend to others.  In the meantime, feel free to check it out yourself by clicking HERE.  

Let me know in the comments how you are feeling about your postpartum body.

Sales-page-image-930px (1)


Please note: links are paid affiliate links and I have not yet experienced the product so cannot vouch for the program just yet. I hope to be able to give you some great feedback and post pictures soon.

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Lego, Please Bring Back the Female Scientists

Lego Research Institute is one of the few career focused Lego sets specifically with female figurines but is not longer available. Lego says, “This set was overwhelmingly popular and is no longer available for purchase.”

Female Scientist Lego set no longer available, let’s all write to Lego and see if we can bring it back.

I sent an email to Lego’s customer support to ask them when this set would be available again and they responded with this: “I’m sorry but we aren’t making the 21110 Research Institute any more. Our Product Developers in Denmark invent new LEGO® toys every year. They spend their time trying to find new and fun toys that are better every time. The shelves in toy shops aren’t big enough to hold everything so sometimes we have to stop making a few of the older sets. The set was brought back once, but quickly sold out after it arrived back in stock.”

If it “quickly sold out” and “was overwhelmingly popular” then why not bring it back onto the shelves or carry it online?

Let’s all email them and see if we can give them the message that this is the kind of Lego we want marketed to our girls. SERVICE@lego.com


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