Birth Doula

As a doula and birth mentor my role is to support you, your partner, and family to create the birth YOU envision.  The role of a birth doula is to provide emotional and physical support to the laboring family.  A doula does not take the place of a partner but helps the partner be as involved as the couple desires.  A doula does not give medical advice or perform any medical procedures.

“Your support during pregnancy allowed me to feel prepared & empowered about my upcoming labor.  Your support during my labor gave me  confidence & strength. Your help with breastfeeding was invaluable.  I love that I had such continuity with you; you really were there from beginning to end.  When I think of my pregnancy & labor throughout my baby’s life, I will surely think of you & the thankful memories of all of your support.”   – Christie

 The initial meeting is our opportunity to get to know each other and be sure we are a right fit.  The people you choose to have at your birth must be the right people for you.  I respect that you may feel another doula would be a better fit, please respect your own feelings and go with what feels good to you.

The in person prenatal visit at your home will include a detailed discussion of your plans for your birth and your expectations of me as a doula.  We will also discuss informed decision making and strategies to manage the intensity of labour.

“Having Nancy as our Doula was one of the best decisions we made. There’s no doubt she is very knowledgable, but what really impressed me was her supportive nature. We immediately felt a connection to her, and she instilled a real confidence that she understood our birth plan and was committed to helping us follow it.

We had a few issues during delivery. Despite these obstacles, which could have resulted in unneeded stress, Nancy was able to keep us calm, relaxed and focused on our birth plan.

Nancy was able to lay out the medical info to us in terms we were able to understand, making it easy to evaluate our options, giving us clarity and confidence in our decisions. She clearly demonstrated that her knowledge is second to none.

I sincerely believe that without Nancy in our corner, our delivery would not have gone as well as it did. Just when we started to feel a little worried, she was able to keep us positive and upbeat. Despite the complications, we had an amazing birth, and an experience that we will always remember and cherish. A big part of that was Nancy.” -Rosanna

Labor support can start as early as you feel you need support.  I will be on call 24 hours from 37-42 weeks.   You call when you feel you may be in labor or need to speak with me.  You decide when you want me to come over to your home.  From there I will stay with you for at least 1 ½ hours after the birth or until you feel you no longer need support.

If desired I am able to also take amateur photos and some video during labor, birth, and in the hour after birth.  You supply the SD card and it will stay with you after the birth so you have immediate and private access to all your photos and video.

I will provide breastfeeding support in the first hour after birth and at your postpartum visit.

“What really set Nancy apart for me was her ability to blend into the background, allowing my wife and I to feel connected during delivery, but she was also able to step in and provide support when needed. She sensed when action, advice or encouragement was needed, and provided it beautifully but not making me feel like I was in the way. I can’t tell you how amazing this was, feeling part of the delivery as opposed to feeling like an outsider. I felt like she was there for us as a couple, not just there for my wife.” – Randy

Standard Doula Package $1250

  •  Includes initial meeting
  •  One in person prenatal visit at your home
  •  Support throughout labor, birth and the first 1 ½ hours postpartum
  •  One postpartum visit during the first two weeks

Doula Services + Childbirth Empowerment Package $1997
(Savings $947 + Chiropractic Bonus)

  •  Standard Doula Package (Value $1250)
  •  Attendance to Childbirth Empowerment Intensive experiential weekend (Value $350)
  • 6 month online group coaching membership – 3 group coaching sessions per month (Value $197/month)
  •  6 month membership to Natural, Birth, Baby, and Beyond Online Childbirth Empowerment Course and Community (Value $27/ month) $27 monthly thereafter. Online support through discussion forum.

Total Value: $2944

Bonus Marketplace Family Chiropractic Practice Member Discount

  • practice members who commit to a recommended chiropractic care plan will receive $200 certificate towards their chiropractic care
  • chiropractic care during labour at no additional charge

Please contact me HERE for more information or to schedule an initial meeting.

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