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Decision Making in Pregnancy and Parenting: It's Not Black and White

I recently read this excerpt from Emily Oster’s book, “Expecting Better: Why The Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom Is Wrong — and What You Really Need to Know.” In her book Oster presents the model that she teaches university business students to … Continue reading

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Medical Community Not Aware of Why Parents Abstain From Vaccines

There was a great article in the Ottawa Citizen about why parents choose not to vaccinate. Here is my response to this article: I agree that the media and the medical community are uninformed of the reason why parents choose … Continue reading

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Do You Want To Know or Is it Disgraceful That I Tell You?

Is it disgraceful and shameful that I am providing information on informed choice? FACEBOOK COMMENT: (After posting this article “This misinformation about vaccination is disgraceful. People who don’t vaccinate their children are ignorant, taking us back to the days … Continue reading

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The First Pregnancy Supersite for the Natural Minded Mom Launches!

Your Birth Coach, Dr. Nancy is now a contributing expert on  Check out the other experts like Dr. Sears. Atlanta, GA -August 19, 2012 – The internet is filled with huge “super” pregnancy websites that focus on conventional and … Continue reading

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Your Questions Answered: To Vaccinate of Not To Vaccinate?

Question to Dr. Nancy: Hi Nancy, I had my first son on April 26. I had a natural home birth with two wonderful midwives and couldn’t be happier with the result. I had my last follow-up appointment with them 2 … Continue reading

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