My Mummy Tummy Journey Weeks 4 & 5 Summary

Sorry for not posting my experiences with the MUTU System last week. Due to a technical error I was locked out of my site.

I will include both week 4 and 5 experiences here.

Week 4 Summary

I have made it one third of the way through the MUTU program.

The dog is getting walked, the kids are spending more time outdoors, and my diastasis recti has started to improve.

The MUTU frequently asked questions page says that more visible results will be after 6-8 weeks, so I am not quite there yet.

One of the things I am happy to see is that the exercises change. After 2 weeks of doing the same intensive exercise routine, I am ready to change things up. This week coming I will be on Core Phase 2 and Intensive Exercises Phase 2.

The simplicity of following a system is, so far, the best thing about the MUTU system in my experience.

Measuring the gap between my abs is showing improvement. When I started the program the gap between my rectus abdominis muscles was 5 fingers across 2” above my belly button, 6 fingers across at my belly button and 4 fingers across 2” below. At the end of week 4 my measurements were 4 fingers, 5 fingers, and 3 fingers. So I am seeing some progress, about a fingers width.

If you want to learn more about diastasis recti, you can get more information on the MUTU site my clicking “Your Body” then “Diastasis Recti.”  There are videos that explain what a diastasis recti is, how to test for it, and how to correct it.  Also, check out this infographic by MUTU.

Week 5 Summary

This week I almost fell off the MUTU wagon.

The walk and core exercises are to be done daily and the intensive exercises at least 4 times each week. I have been trying to separate the intensive exercises so that I have a day to rest between and  not do 4 days in a row. I also didn’t want to leave all 4 intensive days to the end of the week in case something came up making me unable to do them. Well…. I gave myself a break the first day of week 5 and just did the core exercises and a walk, then I gave myself a break the next day and also only did the core exercises and a walk, then I gave myself a break and only did my walk on the third day. So I left all the intensives to the last 4 days of the week, including an over scheduled weekend. It seemed about the natural time to just say, “Screw it, I’m done, pass the chocolate.” (Dark chocolate of course, possibly dipped in natural peanut butter.)

Knowing I have to report back to you helped me push through the last 4 days of the week. I made up my missing day of core exercises and stayed up late to get the intensives done each night. I usually end up going to bed with the kids, so my partner had to take over some bedtime duty for me to get my exercises done. Thankfully, everyone has been supportive in making this happen.

I have missed 2 walks though due to our crazy, busy weekend, so I will be trying to plan a longer family hike to make it up.

The change to a new set of intensive exercises was really nice, once I got my butt in gear and did them. This week I have the freedom to mix it up and do a few days from each of the phase 1 and phase 2 intensives and each of the core series also. Change is good.

Someone asked me if I ordered any special equipment to do the MUTU system. I haven’t and just made due with what I have at home.

IMG_5577I am using one of my kids toy balls or a cushion when the kids hide the ball from me, a resistance loop my partner already had (dark green), a rolled up towel, the strap from my yoga mat (light green), instead of dumbbells just weights that we had in the basement, we already had a 10 pound medicine ball but a backpack with books or something heavy would work also.  (The medicine ball seems to be photo shy, it has disappeared at the moment, so it’s not in the picture.)

I did order some five finger barefoot shoes (on sale from an online retailer) a couple of weeks ago and am waiting patiently for them to arrive.



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