My Mummy Tummy Journey Week 3 Summary

I have completed week 3 of the MUTU System 12 week program.

This week I started with the first set of intensive exercises. Definitely intense enough to get my heart rate going and break a good sweat.

I missed a couple of days of walking due to rain, rain, and more rain, so I took longer walks for the rest of the week. I suppose I could have walked in the rain but I let myself use it as an excuse. I did make up for it though.

I have had people ask me a few of questions about the system so I will do my best to answer.  The MUTU Website does have a FAQ page if you have more questions.

Are you trying to lose weight?

My mom asked if I am trying to lose weight. The answer is no, I am not trying to lose weight. I am working towards strengthening my core muscles so they can hold in the contents of my abdomen and not let everything just fall out.

What types of exercises do you have to do?

Oziah MUTUI have been asked what kinds of exercises the system uses. MUTU focuses on restorative exercises to restore proper body alignment, reduce intra-abdominal pressure, and improve core strength as a whole. It is NOT a routine of abdominal crunches. In fact, crunches are a no, no if you are looking to restore core strength. Crunches can actually make a weak MUTU boysabdomen worse by increasing intra-abdominal pressure during exertion. It isn’t all about the abs either. Your core muscles are the root of all movement and work together with other muscle systems. Strengthening them means getting these systems connected neurologically as they should be. The exercises involve engaging your core while doing other movements, like using your inner thigh muscles or gluts. It isn’t just the abs working but the legs, butt, back and arms, too.

I do like that what the MUTU system is presenting is in line with the core muscle rehab I learned in chiropractic college. I could have come up with something like this for myself but I simply haven’t due to time and priorities. I like that the MUTU system is packaged in a way that helps take out the planning for me.

What is the time commitment?

Tai MUTU The other question that has come up is how much of a time commitment the program requires. I know we live in a busy world and with kids it just gets busier.  Since I am committed to making this work, I have found the time between family, volunteering, and work to get to my exercises consistently. Each day I am walking about 30 minutes outside with my family and dog and doing a 8.5 minute core strength routine twice a day. Now that I am at the point of doing the more intensive exercises, I also have a 23 minute warm up, exercise, and stretch sequence to do 4 times a week. So that’s about 45 minutes on the days without the intensive workout and 70 minutes on the days with. The kids join in so t is a family affair.

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I have to say that so far I am happy with the MUTU  program. Any will hopefully start to see the physical changes in the upcoming weeks.

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