Girls Education Less Important Than What They Are Wearing

On August 11, Deanna Wolf  took to Facebook to call out her daughter’s school for shaming the female form and putting boys education above girls.

Huntsville City Schools, I would like to ask a question. What are you teaching our children about their bodies and their minds? My daughter was not allowed to go to class, and was held in ILC for an entire class period because she wore this outfit to school. She would have been held even longer had someone not been able to bring her more “appropriate” clothing. I would like someone to please explain to me how this is justified. Why single a student out, put her in a locked room and inhibit her learning because of one faculty member’s INTERPRETATION of her clothing? It boils down to the claim that girls’ “revealing” clothing is a distraction to male students. That the mere idea of a girl even HAVING a derriere (or, heaven forbid, shoulders) is so scandalous that we must stop everything and hide her away. I am sick to death of the public shaming of the female form. You are telling girls that their bodies are to be hidden, and that boys cannot control their minds if they see the basic female figure. It’s disgusting and it belittles both sexes. Not to mention that this whole situation clearly states that a girl’s education has less importance than a boy’s education, and that her right to said education is secondary to providing a distraction free learning environment for the opposite sex. Your misguided attempt at disciplining my child has only succeeded in giving an example of the skewed gender bias perpetuated by society. The lesson she learned today was NOT that her clothes were inappropriate, but rather that the behavior of the school was inappropriate. It’s asinine things like this which push more and more parents to homeschool their children.”


On August 13th mother Stacie Dunn shared a similar experience with her daughter’s school.

“So this is my daughter at school today. I had to come to the school because according to her school principal what she is wearing is out of dress code and inappropriate for school. When I got there I found a group of female students standing in the office due to being out of dress code also. This is ridiculous! WOODFORD County High School and the principle have been enforcing a dress code where as girls can not show even there collar bones because it may distract their male class mates. This is ridiculous! Parents are being called away from their important jobs and students are missing important class time because they are showing their collarbones! Something needs to change! PLEASE SHARE MY POST! Something needs to change!”

Apparently girls collar bones are too sexual for school. Seriously? I don’t know if I own shirts that don’t show my collar bones and I am a professional working in a professional setting.

So disturbing that the adults in schools are looking at girls as sexual objects. I am sure it wasn’t a student that complained she was too sexual for school today. It was an adult who sexualized her body instead of focusing on why she was there, to educate her mind. School administrators can you please stop looking at girls like sex objects.

If boys are truly incapable of learning sitting next to a fully clothed woman, how will they be able to function in the workforce? Are we to expect that men and boys are so incapable of rational thought in the presence of women that we need to extract women from society and hide them away? That is what this school is doing. Or should girls be relegated to the back of the bus or the back of the room because the very sight of them is just too sexual for boys to handle.

Please stop reducing boys to nothing more than a walking penis, not capable of being responsible for their behavior.

Please stop telling girls they are responsible for accommodating boys ability to function in society.

Schools, please remove teachers that are looking at their students as sexual objects. Please remove administrators who are willing to violate a woman’s right to education because of misogynistic views of women and their bodies.

As a society can we just stop sexualizing every aspect of the female body? Soon it will be elbows, then wrist and ankles and women will be forced to wear full burqas in order to get an education.

Woodford County High School Principal Rob Ackers said in response to the dress code concerns, “We had a lot of sexual harassment based on what kids were wearing, and unfortunately, it always comes back to what the girls are wearing.”

This perspective is propagating victim blaming and rape culture.  Girls are not responsible for boy’s behavior, boys are. Let’s teach them that from the get go.

This is what the girls of Woodford County High School have learned from the dress code.

“It sends the message to boys that it’s all girls fault, basically any reaction or action that they do is the girls fault. It wasn’t their fault that they were staring or got distracted, it was the girls fault.”

“It puts the guys before the girls because they say how they want guys to have a distraction free learning zone, not the girls.  They are putting guys before the girls and saying that their education is more important than the girls education.”

“It  says that they can’t control themselves and honestly, if I was a boy I would be really insulted by the dress code.”

“It sends the message that guys are perverts. Because girls have to cover up because the administration believes that the boys can’t control themselves.”

“[The teacher said] boys are hard wired for sex at this age…. they don’t know what’s going on and anything can set them off …boys cannot help what they do …date rape happens….when you dress like that, it’s just going to happen and they can’t control it…It told all the girls… that boys can’t help it.”

“It’s teaching young boys that they’re predators..and that the girls are covering up for me.”


Stop misogynistic policing of young women’s bodies. Teach young men to respect women for being human beings. Stop feeding the rape culture that blames women and our bodies for rape, and start teach young men that they are responsible for their actions NO MATTER WHAT she is WEARING,” Stacey Jackson-Roberts (comment on Woodford County School’s Facebook page).

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