Anti-Rape Underwear: Great idea or making women responsible for rape prevention?

I am not sure how I feel about the idea of anti-rape underwear. On the one hand, women feeling safe and empowered to move through the world without fear of rape is a good thing but at the same time just wearing them comes from fear of being raped.

What do we tell ourselves each time we put on our anti-rape underwear. Aren’t we saying that we are not actually safe and need to be protected by someone, or in this case, some thing else. But then again, maybe women aren’t actually safe in a culture that promotes blurred lines about consent to our youth.

Stopping rape should be the responsibility of the people who are doing the raping. Stopping rape comes from a culture that respects a woman’s body as her own and not a product or object to be used or abused for someone else’s gain. Stopping rape comes from teaching our boys and men that they are not entitled to sex, ever. Entitlement and the expectation that a woman owes them for their efforts is part of the problem. That’s not saying they cannot have sex, they just are not ever entitled to it. Even if she initially said yes, even if he spent money wooing her, he is never entitled to have her follow through with the act. Stopping rape comes from teaching our youth what consent really means; an act of will, not an act out of of coercion, manipulation, or altered states of consciousness.

I think the makers of this product are genius to create a way to actually prevent removing someone else’s underwear but the idea that women need to take measures to prevent themselves from being raped is an indication that we don’t live in a civilized society like we think we do.

Are anti-rape underwear a necessary evil for women to be safe in our society?

What are your thoughts?

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