My Mummy Tummy Journey Week 2 Summary

I have now completed 2 full weeks of the 12 week MUTU System to help get my mummy tummy under control.

I have to say week 1 was easier than week 2. In week 1 this was something new, something I had just made a commitment to do, so I was motivated.  In week 2 I just wanted to continue with my habit of not doing anything about my tummy at all.  It just seemed easier.

Despite my desire to complete my day without doing my exercises, I did them.  High five for me :).

My true reason for following through wasn’t because I am so driven to get my tummy back, it was because of accountability.  I knew I was going to report here about my progress so I did my exercises despite wanting to skip them “just this once.” I didn’t want to blog about how I gave in to the habit of not doing. I knew going into this that if I didn’t make this a public thing, I wasn’t likely to follow through.

I am going to suggest if you are going to take on doing something like the MUTU system to get your tummy back (or any other thing that takes commitment like childbirth preparation practices), having a system of accountability is key to help get you through the times where you would rather just do what is easier.

The kids have all joined me in doing my Phase 1 core exercises. Last night I was going to do them in my room while the kids were in my bathtub. As soon as I said I would be doing them, three little naked bodies rushed out to join me.

I have researched which barefoot shoes I am going to order and will be placing an order for them shortly, I am just waiting for my husband to decide on his.

I still need a way to effectively get myself to drink enough water.  I have tried reminder apps but then I just ignore them. If you have any tips, please leave them in the comments below.

Sales-page-image-930px (1)I just printed out the Cheat Sheets for the Exercises.  This will be helpful because I did realize I missed a few things when I was doing them by memory.

Week three is the first week with intensive exercises, I have watched the instruction video and will be getting started on the workout today. Maybe I can get some little people to join me to make it more fun.

There are only two types of habits.  The habit of doing and the habit of not doing.  Once I complete week 3, I will have done 21 days of doing, which is how long it takes to create a new habit.  Cheer me on so I make it to the 21 day landmark.

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If you want to sign up for the program CLICK HERE now.

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