Are You Treating Your Loved Ones Fairly?

I wanted to share THIS ARTICLE because I feel it is an important reminder to treat our closest loves ones with dignity and respect.  The title is, “I wasn’t Treating My Husband Fairly.”

It is important to remember to treat everyone with dignity (especially those people we love). I think we are almost all guilty of imposing our expectations on our loved ones at some point, I know I am.  This article is a great mirror for us to see the effects of this on our family and how we need to step back and look at our own behavior.
One complaint I have about this article is that she said, “I’m not his mom.” We also should not be treating our children the way she described treating her husband. They deserve the same level of dignity and respect we would give to anyone else in society. If you wouldn’t speak to the bank manager that way, you shouldn’t speak to anyone that way.
The same goes for her comment about him not being her employee. No one deserves to be treated in a way that doesn’t honor who they are. I would never speak to my employees the way she spoke to her husband.
We need to remember that other people, including people we love, are their own people and we should not strive for them to be like us, or satisfy our expectations. If we love them, our desire for them  should be to express their true essence, fully. Even if that means they are clumsy, forgetful, or disorganized.
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