Stay Out of Our Vaginas

A new device is being manufactured to stretch a woman’s pelvic tissues (lower 1/3 of the vagina and pelvic floor muscles) during the first stage of labor.

There are so many things wrong with this idea.

Women’s bodies are not dysfunctional in birth. The system of maternity care is dysfunctional and is what is often causing damage to women’s bodies. This device is like covering the symptom of one improperly prescribed drug by taking another drug. It is not getting to the underlying cause of the problem which is a dysfunctional maternity care system that is not supporting women’s bodies to give birth normally.

In an undisturbed birth NOTHING needs to go inside a woman’s vagina. No fingers for routine vaginal checks(which give little to no useful information except in specific scenarios), no instruments, and no one even needs to be looking between a woman’s legs.

A normal birth happens with a woman upright and not her back with her knees behind her ears stretching her perineum over the vaginal opening. Support normal birth and we do away with the need for interventions and pelvic floor and perineal damage for the vast majority of births.

Besides how is a woman supposed to be walking, dancing, rocking, bathing, and everything else that facilitates the first stage of labor with a device slowly stretching her vagina in place.  This device would keep women on their backs, increasing pain and use of epidurals.  This dysfunctional positioning, increased pain and fear, and use of drugs is what is causing many perineal tears and tight pelvic floor muscles in the first place.

Sign this petition to let the company know that you want them to stay out of your vagina!

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  1. Birth Institute says:

    Wow, thank you for posting this. Our bodies are incredibly powerful and adaptable. It is a choice of empowerment to birth within the self and truly blossom from the experience. Our words and intentions are power and are the key to unlocking what is innately within.
    Read how we can gain empowerment through words and intentions here!

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