Stand Up for Home Birth After Cesarean

The only person who can decide on the safest place to give birth is the mother.

The safest place for her to birth is the place she is most relaxed and comfortable.  This allows for physiological low risk birth, without the need for intervention, and without creating extra risk.

Forcing a woman to birth in the hospital, especially after a surgical birth, which may have been traumatic, is highly likely to create a dysfunctional birth and a higher risk to both mom and baby.

Considering the risk of catastrophic uterine rupture is so low, and is even lower that it would not be recognized earlier enough to transfer to the hospital, this is not enough reason to require women to birth in hospital for a VBAC.

Understanding that the risk for repeat Cesarean IS higher than the risk of VABC, it is important that we facilitate every factor that will lead to a normal low risk vaginal birth, including mother’s choice of birthplace.


Please do support women’s rights to choose their birth place by signing this petition:


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One Response to Stand Up for Home Birth After Cesarean

  1. Simonne says:

    I believe women need to be supported to choose what is right for them, not be dictated to given past results. Women should not be penalised for entrusting themselves to a system in which Unnecessary interventions they dont even want often lead to cesarians. They are often manipulated and bullied into following protocols, end up with a birth they don’t want and then get penalized next time, effectively robbed of any choice. Women’s bodies are built to work, I know women who have been successfully supported by private midwives to VBAC. We all deserve to have the choice and make the best decisions we can for our babies and bodies WITH the support of our caregivers.

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