Is Caring About Your Birth Experience Selfish?

Natural childbirth, homebirth, home birth, childbirth courses, prenatal classes, video of birth, videos of birthYES!!! YES!!! YES!!! to what is said in this article.  It says everything that should be said, so I don’t really have a comment, except that all women need to read this: and that NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! it is NOT selfish.

“Saying that what happens with you and your baby during and after birth doesn’t matter is the same as saying it doesn’t matter whether you bond with your toddler or that it doesn’t matter whether your teenager hates you.  Birth is part of your life as a mother.  This is your life.”

I can’t stand the idea that people have that women are “selfish” for wanting a good birth. A good birth for mom is what creates a good birth for baby. They are one in the same, not a competition of one vs the other. The safest birth, most physiologic birth possible, for mom will allow baby to be born gently and without added risks.

“Acting as if a baby’s safety is compromised by treating his mother well in birth is ludicrous, and I’d like to call for an end to that.  If I could go back in time, I’d ask those people who questioned me to please explain how I was the most important factor in pregnancy and the least important in birth.  How my value as a person deserving of positive experiences plummeted so dramatically when I crossed the threshold from pregnant woman to woman in labor.  And how on earth treating my body well in pregnancy was intuitive, but treating my body well in birth was not.”

Here are some comments I made on the topic a couple years ago,

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