The First Pregnancy Supersite for the Natural Minded Mom Launches!

Your Birth Coach, Dr. Nancy is now a contributing expert on  Check out the other experts like Dr. Sears.

Atlanta, GA -August 19, 2012 – The internet is filled with huge “super” pregnancy websites that focus on conventional and traditional medical information. These focus on testing, interventions, pharmaceutical medicines, as well as contain advertisements for formula,  toxin containing products for mom and baby, baby medicines and more. Recently, a group of experts decided it was time that a site was created that would allow a one-stop-shop for the natural minded mom and alternative choices to these mainstream mindsets.  The experts are the best and brightest in the fields of natural fertility, infertility, pregnancy, nutrition, exercise, breastfeeding, baby, family, natural remedies, attachment parenting, home and garden, and came together to create the website, WHOLE PREGNANCY.


The esteemed group includes, medical doctors, nurses, midwives, doulas, homeopaths, licensed acupuncturists, chiropractors, journalists, researchers, published authors, consultants, advocates, nutritionists, writers and more! Whole Pregnancy contains all the information that researching parents and hopeful parents need covering topics beginning with natural treatments for fertility through natural parenting, remedies and family health. Our natural fertility experts are world-renowned in their expertise, which is critical with so many couples struggling with fertility these days (and the numbers are continuing to rise dramatically). Our nutrition group offers a variety of fields of expertise including real food, environmental toxin detox and exposure information, vegetarian diet information and recipes specialized for boosting fertility and health during pregnancy and beyond. Whole Pregnancy has pre and postnatal exercise videos for all stages of pregnancy and beyond. We have an extensive group of experts in the green, organic and toxin fields including specializations in fertility, pregnancy, babies, safe product education and more. Our natural remedies experts are some of the most well known in the field and specialize in a variety of pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and childhood ailments and nutrition. Whole Pregnancy also has a variety of highly specialized experts that educate on very important, very specific subjects such as natural treatments for ADD, autism, secondary infertility, human breast milk donation, and a variety of child enrichment and development experts. Attachment parenting experts discuss baby wearing, cosleeping, circumcision, peaceful parenting, and more. We have one of the leading experts in the country on vaccinations for children.


Whole Pregnancy is everything a parent needs for all aspects of getting your body and environment ready for conception through baby, parenting and beyond.


It’s time for alternative to go mainstream!

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