Your Questions Answered: To Vaccinate of Not To Vaccinate?

Question to Dr. Nancy:

Hi Nancy,

I had my first son on April 26. I had a natural home birth with two wonderful midwives and couldn’t be happier with the result. I had my last follow-up appointment with them 2 weeks ago and had my first appointment with my son’s new family doctor.

She seems very nice, however, she is somewhat pushy about vaccinations and I’m still unsure as to how I feel about them. I fear the odd assortment of ingredients in them (I won’t even use regular sunscreen on my son, I’m currently searching organic alternatives to the old coppertone sunscreens everyone is telling me to use), I fear some adverse reactions I hear about such as chronic illnesses developing after vaccination. I understand the “herd immunity concept” and that not vaccinating my child lowers that but quite frankly I’m more concerned with my own child (as selfish as that may sound).

I’ve also read about delayed vaccination (some say after 6 months when the child’s immune system is fully developed, others say once breastfeeding is ended as it provides an immunity to the child).

I’m leaning towards delayed vaccination at the moment but I fear telling my doctor. Although I know there is absolutely nothing she can do if I chose not to vaccinate, I feel pressured by the “dead baby card” and am left feeling like I’m not being a good mother to my child by leaving him exposed to these diseases.

I’ve tried researching the internet. This site says this and that one says that and honestly I feel more confused and anxious then before. My mind says it’s logical to vaccinate but my gut says not to trust it.

Do you have any un-biased resources I could possible look at to help me with my decision?

Thank you so much 🙂

Dr. Nancy’s Comments:

There is a great new documentary called The Greater Good that explores the topic.  I highly recommend watching it.

The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears is also worth a read.  It gives an alternate vaccine schedule.

There is also a webinar coming up on July 15 with Dr. Eisenstein based on his book “Don’t Vaccinate Before  You Educate”

The National Vaccine Information Center is a good place to go.

I understand the pressure to choose to vaccinate.   Often people resort to fear and guilt to coerce you into making a decision.  Yes you will feel horrible if your baby gets an infectious disease that they could have been vaccinated for but, you don’t know that they wouldn’t have gotten it anyway (as most kids that get infectious diseases are fully vaccinated) and you would also feel horrible if your child was vaccinated and got brain damage or had some sort of adverse effect.  I say that because the “dead baby card” could happen either way and that’s why I don’t agree with making this choice out of fear but out of education.   Often people who choose not to vaccinate are told “it will be your fault if your baby dies” but then who’s fault is it if they die from a vaccine?  Well considering the vaccine companies cannot be sued I guess that too would be your fault.

Ultimately you can’t let anyone else being upset or angry with you affect making a decision you feel is best for your child.  Your physician doesn’t have to live with the consequence of your choice like you and your family do.

Either way there is risk and you need to evaluate which risk are you willing to take for which benefit.  At the end of the day what are you willing to live with if the worst case scenario were to happen.   If you vaccinated and your baby died 24 hours later at age 2 months, how would you feel?  If you didn’t vaccinate and your child died from polio at 7 years old, how would you feel?

Obviously there is much more to making this decision.  The thing is only make the decision when you are sure about your answer.  You can’t go back and take out the vaccine but you can always choose to start later.  The vaccine schedule is set up as it is for optimal compliance not optimal results.

I would suggest you do some research into normal, natural immunity.  Many people are so convinced about artificial immunity that we forget about natural immunity.  A normally functioning immune system is fully capable of fighting off infections, we do it every day.  When something interferes with the optimal function of the immune system it can become weakened and we become susceptible to infections.

Many people don’t realize that a natural immune response is much better than an artificial immune response.

If you choose not to vaccinate, I suggest you choose to do your best to ensure your children are as healthy as possible so they will have a healthy normally functioning immune system.   To me this means only whole foods, high nutrient intake, probiotics (not antibiotics) when sick, no toxins in their food or home, regular chiropractic care, drug free lifestyle.  This way too, you do not need to be making a selfish decision.  You will be making a choice that allows your child to get the best  immune system and overall health and will also be helping with herd immunity.

My number one thing though is do not let someone fear or guilt you into a decision.  My rule is never make choices in a doctors office.  Say thank you for the information, my partner and I will discuss it, and I will let you know.  If you are going to vaccinate go into the appointment knowing this is what you want.  That way your choice won’t be clouded by fear, guilt, or pressure from others and you can feel good about making the choice that is right for you.

Couple of things if you do choose to go ahead.  Only do one vaccine per visit.  Vaccines are not supposed to be administered together.  One vaccine has much more than the allowable aluminum levels as is, multiples is just a recipe for trouble.  If your child has any signs of a cold, being stressed, not at their best in any way, reschedule the appointment.  Their system will be bombarded and if they are not at their best it increases the chance of an adverse reaction.

There is so much more I would love to say on the topic that it would be a book.  That probably means I should just sit down and write it.

Please leave your comments with any further questions.

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