What Does Being A Chiropractor Have To Do With It?

Recently someone asked what being a chiropractor had to do with my role as a childbirth educator.  At first I was trying to separate the roles and said that they were two separate roles but after some reflection I realized that they aren’t two separate roles at all.

“My role as a family wellness chiropractor has everything do with my work as a birth coach.”

My role as a birth coach has everything to do with chiropractic. Where did I learn about natural birth? Chiropractic college. Breastfeeding? Chiropractic College. Co-sleeping, baby wearing, and attachment parenting? Chiropractic College. Optimal brain development, normal physiology, and natural nutrition? Chiropractic college. These things were all in our core curriculum. All my parenting decisions from birth, sleeping, vaccination, circumcision, nutrition, etc all were made in chiropractic college a good 6-8 years before having kids.

Chiropractic for Kids, Pediatric Chiropractic, Chiropractic Lifestyle, Dr. Nancy salgueiro, Dr. Mike Carreira, Marketplace Family Chiropractic Centre, Ottawa Chiropractic, Barrhaven ChiropracticIts all just part of what is called “The Chiropractic Lifestyle” along with obviously getting adjusted from birth, striving for self improvement, and living an overall healthy lifestyle in mind, body, and spirit. The Your Birth Coach blogFacebook page, and the Natural Birth Baby and Beyond Community is exactly that, me sharing my experience of the chiropractic lifestyle.

Thank you for helping me see that.

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