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Your Questions Answered: Postpartum Hemorrhage

Question to Dr. Nancy: I am due in 9 weeks with my 3rd.  I would love to have an at home birth but with my daughter who was born at the hospital 14 months ago, I was given 3 different … Continue reading

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Could Your Child Drown Right in Front of You?

Many people have the “Bay Watch” image of drowning in their head.  In fact that is not what drowning looks like at all.  Please take the time to read this article, it could save a life. This article hits … Continue reading

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Your Questions Answered: To Vaccinate of Not To Vaccinate?

Question to Dr. Nancy: Hi Nancy, I had my first son on April 26. I had a natural home birth with two wonderful midwives and couldn’t be happier with the result. I had my last follow-up appointment with them 2 … Continue reading

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Your Questions Answered: Getting Pregnant Soon after Birth and Tandem Nursing

Question to Dr. Nancy: Can you explain how you dealt with nursing while you were pregnant? Does the milk usually dry up or were you still able to nurse your children normally?  Since I’m already 39 we plan another pregnancy … Continue reading

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What Does Being A Chiropractor Have To Do With It?

Recently someone asked what being a chiropractor had to do with my role as a childbirth educator.  At first I was trying to separate the roles and said that they were two separate roles but after some reflection I realized … Continue reading

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