How Yoga Supports Your Happy, Healthy Pregnancy, Part 2

by Rhonda Uretzky, ERYT

Yoga poses can help to safely stretch and the hip and groin muscles and ligaments, and strengthen the back, legs and groin muscles in preparation for a healthy childbirth.

But the very best pregnancy yoga practices include more than the physical yoga poses.

When you are pregnant, your developing baby feels what you feel, both your stress and your joy. Your emotions, as much as your physical health, are the building blocks used to create your baby’s central nervous system.

Which emotional state would you rather contribute to your baby’s development?

Yoga birth courses can also show you ways to connect emotionally with your developing baby, through yoga visualization and meditation.

Practicing yoga throughout your pregnancy can relax you and also empower you to feel in control of your body; educate you by connecting you to what is going on in your body; and help you feel joyful during this most memorable time of pregnancy and childbirth.

Some of the best prenatal yoga courses also cover:

  • Prenatal nutrition
  • Holistic modalities ie Reiki and pregnancy massage
  • Fetal positioning; yoga postures that support your baby at different developmental stages
  • Yoga during birth and labor
  • Yoga supported breathing, relaxation, and vocalization.
  • Creating a “yoga birth plan”
  • Postpartum supportive yoga
  • Guided meditations and visualizations to relax mind and body during childbirth

Yoga during pregnancy can be a very special way to connect with your baby, enjoy your pregnancy, and prepare your mind & body for childbirth and parenting with patience and ease.


I am Rhonda Uretzky, ERYT (Experienced Yoga Teacher of the Yoga Alliance) and I have firsthand experience with yoga during pregnancy. As a yoga teacher and yoga student for the past 40 years, I have practiced yoga during both of my pregnancies; in fact, my daughter was “born doing yoga,” and by the age of 5 she was practicing fun yoga with me (today at age 25, she is a yoga teacher). I currently own a hot yoga studio in Lambertville NJ, Riverflow Yoga, and we offer YogaBirth! Prenatal yoga and childbirth education taught by our yoga teacher/ midwife.  You can CLICK HERE for my FREE ebook, Yoga for Beginners, and find more information at My Yoga Secret website.

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