Thank You For All The Kinds Words of Support

I would like to thank everyone for all the kind words and generous support you have been giving me.

Being 39 weeks pregnant is a very special time for any woman and it is really such an honor to be supported by such wonderful people.  Thank you for all your positive energy, it is especially important because of choosing to share this with so many of you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  You make it all worth doing.


“I think this is an amazing thing you are doing. It will help hundreds of women who are terrified of the birth process, and should ease their fears.”


“We saw you on the news last night… and I decided to sign up for your live birth!”


“I want to tell the girls about births and if they’re lucky enough to be home when it happens, I’d love for them to see it!”


“We both want to wish you and Mike good luck, you’re quite the brave soul to do this, but I understand your goal of demystifying the whole process for other people, that’s quite commendable and better you than me ha ha ha!!! Anyhow, you’re totally unselfish in doing this, you think of the greater social good, that’s awesome. Good luck, we wish you an easy uncomplicated home birth!! I truly admire you!!”  -Nathalie


“So exciting! Can’t wait for the big event…You are so inspiring!” -Nicole


“I heard your story on cbc radio this afternoon. It made me smile & I’ve shared your link on FB. Sending you lovely birthing vibes whenever the occasion will happen.” -Ileana


“I am SO excited. I’m pregnant with my first child and my husband and I are planning a home birth. Can’t wait to see it all unfold. Lots of positive birth vibes :)” -Katie


“I’m looking forward to it! I have you on twitter text alert! I’m 33 weeks, due with my second. First was a hospital waterbirth with midwife. Planning same for second, though my dream is homebirth but we’re on medicaid so our options are limited. I’m fascinated by how beautifully our bodies work. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experiences with us!” -Faith


“Very interesting to see the ‘controversy’ of your birth choice. I am glad you are bringing awareness to natural birthing and I wish you well in labour!” -Cassandra


“I think this is amazing, I also had natural births with midwives for both of my boys. It was a great experience, and was definitely empowering. I think it is a great thing for others to witness a natural birth, as these days, a lot of women’s attitudes about childbirth have changed. One of the comments I hear often is, “I am nobody’s hero, give me the pain medication..” In no way was my choice for natural childbirth about trying to be anyone’s hero, it was about fully experiencing all aspects of childbirth. With the support you receive with a midwife, and the right mind set, anyone can enjoy a natural and amazing bonding experience with their new baby!” -Cheryl


“Hi! I am 2 1/2 months pregnant with my first, and planning a homebirth with this baby. I think this is wonderful and empowering, and you are very brave. I’m so glad this has been broadcast across Canadian news networks. Women and men out there need to know that birth is, as you say, not a medical event – it’s a natural experience! I’ll be watching! Thanks!!” -DD


“I think this is an amazing thing you are doing. It will help hundreds of women who are terrified of the birth process, and should ease their fears.” -Donna


“Nancy you are so brave! I just birthed my second child in my second home birth three weeks ago with midwives, and I can say with certainty that I was not brave enough to share that experience with many other people. I am so proud of you for doing this.” -Lindsay


“I LOVE this idea! Thank you so much for doing this!! It’s fantastic. I had 2 home births with some amazing midwives and they were the most wonderful, empowering experiences that I have ever had. More women need to believe that birth is normal and natural and they can do it too. Over and over I get told, “I could NEVER do that.” when I tell other moms I had natural home births. It’s frustrating that women no longer trust their bodies to do what they were made to do.  Anyway, my girls (3 and 5) and I will be looking forward to witnessing your birth. Thank you so much for sharing this special time with us!” -Cheryl


“I just wanted to say congrats on the soon to be new addition!! And I do agree with you im the only one out of all my friends that have done all natural births with all 4 of my children! Im a young mother of 4 and loved every moment of preg. and labor!! I want to do it agian but my hubby is not agreeing with me, he says we have enuff but i love it so much!! I though about going to school to do what you do but i dont know where to i would assume! GL and cant wait to watch and meet the little one!!” -Keri


“Best of luck with the baby (do you know what it is?) and just to let you know – I think this is an amazing idea and could be very informative for new moms who aren’t sure whether they want to deliver at home or in the hospital. My children are 31 and 26, so it’s been a while, but I’m going to phone my daughter (the 31 year old who’s going to be trying for a baby soon) and let her know your website address.” -Joanne

“Thanks for doing this, I think you’re very brave for broadcasting it. I also had a homebirth with my second child. The main reason for it was I felt it was counter-intuitive to interrupt the process of birth and get into a car be out in the world amongst strangers then be poked and prodded by strangers at the hospital. I wanted to be in my own ‘nest’ and give birth privately and without distraction. Thank you for what you’re making available to future generations of mothers.” -Patty


“I’ve heard a lot on the news this week about your plan to livestream your child’s birth and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I won’t have access to watch, but I was so pleased to hear that you are raising awareness of natural births. A strange shift has happened so that we are now in a society where natural births are considered unnatural. My daughter was born in 2010, and we had a natural hospital birth with midwives. I made the choice to have a hospital birth partly because of nerves (what if something went wrong, etc.) and partly because I worried I’d fret about the state of my house at the time, or fret about hosting (weird, I know!). But even though the birth itself took place at a hospital, I laboured mostly at home. And yes, labour was uncomfortable, but it was not unfamiliar to me. The pain began like period cramps, and just increased in intensity. I spent my time at home puttering, going for walks, playing with the dog, dancing, stretching, etc., until I couldn’t focus on other things. By the time I got to the hospital, I was still very relaxed, though increasingly uncomfortable. The hospital staff were wonderful at allowing my midwives and my husband and I to have the space to have the birth experience we wanted. I didn’t actually see any hospital staff someone brought me breakfast after the birth, and then not again until the night nurse was checking up on my daughter and I.

The birth experience was uncomfortable, but a complete, amazing body experience. Because of the information and support we were given by our midwives, we were able to make the informed choice of how we wanted childbirth to be. I felt well prepared but completely willing to relinquish control to my body and the experience. Those feelings allowed me to be present and feel calm and safe throughout labour and birth.

The odd experience came in the months after my daughter was born, when I would share my birth experience with other moms who seemed to view it as “not a real labour experience” (exact words) because I didn’t have the battle wounds and war stories about inductions, epidurals that didn’t work and emergency c-sections.

I was so happy to hear of what you were doing because it’s so important for women to know that birth is normal and not scary and traumatic.

Thank you for doing this. Best wishes for a smooth and speedy delivery!” -Tara


“Nancy, I would just like to wish you all the best, I think what you are doing is awesome. Personally speaking this is not something that I am familiar with nor was it offered to me 30 years ago. Now being exposed to this way of birthing with [my daughter/son inlaw and grandson] I think all women should at least know all the positive things about home/natural births. Again all the best to you and your family.” -Phyllis


“Just wanted to say I think this initiative is beyond amazing.  I so look forward to your birth and send good energy your way.  I am a birth doula, prenatal yoga instructor and reiki practitioner with a focus on prenatal birth preparation on an energetic level.  You are a true inspiration and I wish you and your family the best of luck.  Enjoy!” -Courtney


“I wanted to thank you for the generous offer you are making to all of us. I had two natural births and they were a blessing. I am the designer of the world’s leading homeopathic childbirth kit and am happy to tell you more about that if it is of interest.
Very best wishes for the birth” -Mary


“Just a little note of support from a fellow momma. I’m a massage therapist here in Kanata due with my 3rd monkey in mid November. Had two natural home births with the guidance of wonderful midwives and a very loving husband who all just let it be what it was. I am pumped, thought some find that so strange to hear. Getting mentally prepped and having the opportunity to watch your birth journey will give me strength and comfort. Talk soon.
Love & Light” -Julie


“So cool ty for sharing your birth with us” -Natalie
“This is my kick ass sister promoting natural birth. Super controversial hot topic right now. She’s the f’in coolest chic I know!” -Jessica

“This is my friend Nancy Salgueiro and I’m so excited for her/proud of her! I was so lucky to be present at her last birth, and I think it’s great that now people (all over the world!) will get this chance to see what birth can be like.” -Becky

“I am so proud of my wonderful friend and boss Dr Nancy Salgueiro! She’s had several radio/TV interviews across Canada, talking about birth and her upcoming live-streaming of her own birth which can happen any day now! Please check out her website and sign up to watch her birth live!” -Leslie

“Gutsy lady. Best of luck dear daughter. We are all behind you. love you guys. You are awesome” -Nancy’s mom
“Although not delivered “naturally”‘ I watched AND aided in my own sons’ birth 25 years ago. Not only was it fascinationg but it was also VERY emotional as I watched his head appear and then slowly the rest of him entered this world. I will never forget that. I could go on describing it forever. This is something EVERYONE should see and experience. Thank you for sharing.” -David
“I learned early on to NEVER tell anyone this is your first child. The horror stories are unbelieveable. If it was really this bad there would never be any children. I had six.” -Virginia


“Thank you so much for contributing to make it known to the world that it is at home that babies should be born !


“I had the most horrible hospital experience with my first, and wanted to give birth at home for my 2nd, but couldn’t find a midwife in Ottawa. My husband was freaking out about the idea of an unattended child birth at home, so I had my 2nd (8 months ago) at the hospital. Hospital experience again, forced medication for me and my son, forced to have formula… not allowed to breastfeed… followed the most difficult months of my life as I never had enough milk for my baby, because of such a bad start… I was pumping, breastfeeding and giving bottles, without much rest…. Running around town to find breast milk donations…. I’ve ran out of breast milk donors and ran out of milk my self long ago but feel so happy that my baby is healthy and growing well today.

I don’t think I’ll ever have another child although it would have been our wish, because it was physically and emotionnally more than I could stand.

I will always encourage and support women giving birth at home, surrounded by the ones they love, surrounded by positive emotions and familiar sounds. Thank you for letting the world know… thank you for contributing to a change in the way people perceive things. You ARE changing the world. You are just great. All the best to you and your 3 children. Have a wonderful, peaceful, cheerful, enlightening and loving birth.

With peace” -Lydia


“I think this is an amazing thing you are doing. It will help hundreds of women who are terrified of the birth process, and should ease their fears.” -Donna


“I think it’s so awesome that you are doing this.  I hope you have received mostly positive feedback.  It takes courage to put yourself out there and take a stand for things.  Good luck!!” -Holly


“So exciting! Can’t wait for the big event…You are so inspiring!” -Nicole


“I had to send you a message and say how proud I am feeling for you right now. I can’t believe so much is happening in the time that I am gone. Wish I could watch the birth. All the publicity is amazing. And on a side note I was very impressed the other day when my sister in law who is applying to come to Canada told me that she would only do a homebirth. I was really impressed that the system hadn’t corrupted her and was happy that she had the same intentions since it is available in Canada. Anyways, I couldn’t log off without telling you how I excited I am for everything you are doing. I hope you have a safe and happy labour, and I am sure you will. Hugs.” -Mona

“Hey Nancy I keep missing your interviews because of work, but wanted to drop you a note to say I think what you’re doing is so incredibly selfless and wonderful and I can’t wait to meet the little one! And I hope I’m near wi-fi when the party gets going! :)
Hugs to you and the rest of your awesome family! :)” -Marcy
“So excited for you and your LIVE birth online Nancy – Good Luck!” -Tracey
“Nancy, I could not be more excited for you!!! You took care of me during my second pregnancy, you were also pregnant at the time with your son. When I heard there was a woman who was going to deliver online I thought RIGHT ON!! and then I found out it was YOU!!!! Can’t wait for the big moment, honoured to be sharing in such a special time for you and your family!! I love what you are doing, its FANTASTIC!!! GOOD LUCK!!! Hugs and Love :-)” -Jenny


“Wow, it’s amazing this will open up a new window to to woman who are scared to give birth.” -Naj


“I’m so excited for you. It is *so* important to share the true face of birth, what birth can be when women follow their own birthing instincts rather than being poked, prodded and prompted how/when/where and with whom to birth. I love that my other children got to witness the birth of their sibling. It was priceless.”  -Catherine

About Dr. Nancy

Dr. Nancy is a childbirth educator and has coached numerous women through their pregnancies, births, and in caring for their young children since 2001. She has been practicing family, wellness chiropractic since with a focus on prenatal and pediatric chiropractic and caring for the whole family.
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14 Responses to Thank You For All The Kinds Words of Support

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  2. Cindy says:

    Hi, I just signed up to watch your birth online – I sooo hope I don’t miss it! Thank you so much for putting your birth out there so people can see how normal, natural birth is so beautiful and not a panicky emergency. Cheers to a wonderful, healthy birth, and happy birthing :)

  3. Titania says:

    I had my second child/son on september 4, 2011 and it was such an amazing, calm and beautiful home birth. I think that it is so amazing that you are going to share your birthing experience in all that it is. That is such an empowering and bold statement. You are a beautiful amazing woman and mother! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  4. Diane says:

    You’re doing great stuff, bringing awareness of how things go naturally. In this country (the Netherlands) we used to have home birth without pain relievers as a normal standard a few decades ago, but it’s tending to change to giving birth in a hospital obligatory. Anyway, pain relievers are still not standard, and as you know your body can handle it by itself, thank God / Mother Nature for endorphines :)
    I’ve given birth 3 times so i know all the feelings you go through while doing so, but i forgot about pain. However i remember the huge happiness and love immediately after! Besides, if it was that horrible, why would women all over the world, have 2nd and 3rd and more kids?! We can do it!

  5. Bill says:

    Hey Nancy, i really admire what you’re doing and wish you all the best! Although my
    ex-wife gave birth to our child, i never had the opportunity to be with her during
    labor. i look forward to experiencing your sharing the ‘miracle’ of birth….

    Bill / Hamilton, Ontario +

  6. Carina says:

    I’m so excited for you! I can’t even tell you how amazing birth is to me. I feel so honored that your willing to share in these miracle moments with so many. What a blessing to others!

  7. Carrie says:

    Thank you so much for doing this. I love to see home births. I hope I am around when you so into labor so I can watch. I had a natural home birth 15 months ago and it was a great experience. I hope this helps bring light to the positive aspects of home birth and the negative aspects of hospital birth. I love seeing stuff like this in the media. More people need to be informed and we need to change the direction birth has been going. It is not healthy for mothers, fathers, or the babies. Again, thank you!

  8. jill says:

    this is such a wonderful time in a woman life if we could all realize the birth of another human into the world is such a gift not a horror story

  9. Sal says:

    I am surely tuning into this amazing event! We haven’t had any kids yet and I’m absolutely terrified because I’ve heard so many horror stories! I’m sure this will be an educational experience for me and hopefully I’ll stop being so scared and go ahead! Thanks and good luck!!

  10. Jerusha says:

    I had my son at home last January with an unassisted water birth using Marie Mongan’s HypnoBirthing philosophy and it was the best decision! I was relaxed, comfortable, and calm throughout my labor, just breathing deeply and enjoying the rushes. I was very glad that I had my wonderfully supportive husband with me in the pool and one of our long time friends serving as our doula, handling everything outside of the water.

    The three of us were able to just relax and let the birth take its natural course without anyone being obnoxious about offering pain killers (which I didn’t need, I had no pain!) and all things medical intervention wise. I recommend home birth, water birth and HypnoBirth to everyone I know and especially everyone I meet who is expecting. It was such a positive, powerful and enjoyable experience, especially since I was the one who lifted my son up out of the water as soon as he was born, that I want every woman to have it for herself and truly trust her body and her baby. Bonding was immediate and our son was calm and alert thanks to the relaxed nature of the birth.

    By contrast, having to go to the hospital when the placenta didn’t deliver on its own was not a very good experience at all, what with forced medications, the doctor treating me like an annoyance rather than a person, one of the nurses freaking out about every little thing and causing a lot of unnecessary bleeding when she ripped out the placenta by the cord, just to name a few things. Next time, I’ll have a midwife in attendance, just in case, but I won’t be changing anything else!

    I’m sending love and positive energy your way, Nancy! You’ve done this before and I know you can do it again with ease and enjoyment. I hope to be able to see your birthing experience to add it to my list of positive experiences I tell expectant mothers!

  11. Michelle says:

    I think it is wonderful what you are doing. I am 31 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby, and would love to have a water birth. However because my first child was breech, and I had to have an emergency c-section, there are to many risks. I did have vbac for my second child so I am hopeful for another vbac this time. Hope your labour moves quickly for you. Best wishes.

  12. Ruth says:

    I think what you’re doing is amazing. I can only hope that it will open up people’s eyes to how beautiful and natural birth can be.
    You’re very inspirational and I wish you the best in the next week of so pregnancy, your birth, and the rest of your life with your no doubt wonderful family.

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